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Our Prestigious Private Patient Transport Services


What is prestigious patient transport (PPT)?


Our PPT service gives you, your relative or someone you know the ability to fulfil journeys that may not be possible without assistance. Our medically trained ambulance staff collect you or your relative from your location and take you to a location of your choice, whilst spending this time with you to ensure that all your needs are met. This means that you are able to receive care for the day, to do, see and go to places that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible. This opens up new opportunities for those with additional needs, who are unwell or vulnerable to spend further moments outside of the care home or their house experiencing, reliving and making memories once more. By providing you with onsite care across the time period, as well as transport services we tick multiple boxes at once to increase the quality of life for individuals.  


Previous examples are:


•    Our crew supported a 78 lady for the day who wanted to experience fish and chips at Whitby one last time, her family met her at the location and our staff managed her medical and transport needs. 

•    We arranged and facilitated an 81-year-old gentleman to visit Castleton in the Peak District once more in his lifetime. 

•    We took an 84-year-old lady to her great granddaughter’s birthday party so that she could be with her whole family.


As an ambulance service, we bridge the gap between patient transport and supported care. All of our staff are kind, caring, friendly, down to earth and approachable. Our staff always allow patients to feel at home and respect all of their individual needs. We facilitate chances for people to experience the things they used to enjoy in life, still enjoy in life or want to experience again and didn’t think they would be able too. 


Our range of vehicles possess a range of equipment that matches the patient’s needs, from patient transport seated ambulances to high dependency ambulances, we are able to provide ongoing and supportive care whilst in transport to those with higher and more complex needs. We open doors of opportunity for people to regain positive memories or recall old ones. 


All of our staff are:

•    DBS Checked 

•    Hold certificates in all statutory and mandatory training for healthcare professionals 

•    Hold qualifications necessary for the job and requirements on the PHEM framework 

•    Smart, presentable, respectful and compassionate 


How does it work? 


•    Please get in touch at least 14 days before the intended date of the journey, have to hand as much information about the journey as possible. 


•    We will call you to discuss with you the journey that wants to be made, details about the patient, and gain as much information about your idea as possible (such as details about the total length of time it will take). We are also able to add in extras such as provisions of food en route, whether you want us to provide blankets, slippers and more. 


•    Our multi-disciplinary team will take the information provided in step 2 to carry out a risk assessment in relation to the journey and what provisions will need to be made. 


•    We will provide you with a quote you based on the length of time that we estimate that it will take to complete the journey. We always provide minimum 2x members of staff to facilitate the journeys as one will be driving and the other will be with the person at all times. 


•    If you accept the quote, we will provide you with a booking confirmation form, welcome pack and information pack about what to expect. We will then see you on the day of the journey to be made. 


•    Our staff will facilitate the wishes of the person and/or their relatives and bring the person back to their location when the day has finished. We will complete a handover and provide you with all the relevant and necessary information from the journey. 


If it’s visiting a family party, getting to experience a favourite memory once more or spending time with someone who lives far away for a few hours, we can help bring people and emotions together. 

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