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TV and Film Set (Location) Medical Cover

Whether it is a short training video or a full feature-length film production we have

the resources to supply the staff and equipment you need. It's not just the action

scenes that can end in injury. We provide highly trained medics to be available on

set for when they are needed. Looking after the cast, film crew and support team

can be daunting but we can ease the stress by knowing that if called upon there are

professional medics ready for action.

About our TV / Film Medical Cover

What can we do for you?

Our Emergency Ambulances are fully equipped to NHS standards which not only
gives a great on set presence, but this gives your Actors, Crew and Stuntmen
absolute piece of mind. The 25 Eight TV & Film Production Paramedics is everything
you need in one package.

25 Eight Medical Paramedics are state registered with the HCPC and provide high
quality medical care for TV – Film Medical Cover. Our medical teams can be
uniformed to meet your unique requirements for filming or plain clothed if
required. Our Paramedics can assist with any production size, with our time
working within the public and private sector, combined with our knowledge and
skillset we will ensure your Production is as real as can be. Maybe you are moving
between sites and need the medic to be mobile with all their kit and ready when
called. We can cover every eventuality including rigging and derigging operations.

Our experience allows us to meet the needs of our clients ranging from covering
large stunts with multiple medical units to providing day to day unit medical cover
for any production. All our qualified medical professionals attend set in
recognisable uniform with a fully equipped medical kit bag. We fully understand
the unique demands of a filming environment and always respect our clients
confidentiality and copyright. You can't take a hospital with you, but we can
provide the next best thing with our pre-hospital practitioners.

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