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25 Eight Medical is a Paramedic and Doctor led service that specialise in providing tailored medical cover to all types of event both indoors and outdoors. Our team can assist you in all stages of planning from risk assessment to deployment. We provide top quality medical cover for a wide nature of events. We also offer a range of certifications in First Aid, Lifeguard, Fire Safety and Mental Health First Aid to businesses, organisations and individuals within the UK. We provide outstanding classroom and onsite training solutions.

Our ongoing commitment to you.

  • Quality – We always deliver high quality service provision and care

  • Compassion – We engage with service users with genuine warmth compassion and understanding

  • Standards – We consistently strive for improvement through reflection and development

  • Commitment – We are committed to upholding our values, to building positive relationships, and working to provide the best possible care and services for our patients and clients

  • Teamwork – working as one to achieve the best possible outcomes, drawing on individual and team strengths, as well as identifying areas for improvement and areas of success

  • Patient Centred – ensuring that our patients are at the forefront of what we do and that they are involved fully in their own care

We work all over the UK including Scotland and Wales. We have a number of staff placed throughout the country and can deploy at a moments notice. 

All our staff carry regularly serviced equipment that is frequently checked and sanitised after each use. We take pride in organisation, sanitation, regular monitoring and full kit inventory breakdowns. 

The team have a range of experience in a vast array of pre hospital settings including Patient Transfer, Frontline, Event Cover, First Aid Training, Health and Safety and more. The director of the company has been in the industry for more than 30 years. 

Why choose 25 Eight Medical?

We are not just in this industry for business purposes, we have genuine compassion, care and understanding for all walks of life. It is not just a job for our staff, it is in their nature.

All our staff have background checks conducted on them, this includes DBS checks, character references, employment references, suitability / skill checks and qualification verification. 

We are regularly praised on our engaging and friendly customer service. Our staff are able to interact, break down and work with event organisers from start to finish, guiding them through the process with ease. 

Some of our clients:



Below are some of the most popular courses that we offer. To get find out more or receive a quote based on your needs, please use the buttons below. 

First Aid Kit

First Aid At Work

This course is 18 hours in duration and provides a complete set of practical skills needed by first aiders in their workplaces to become confident and competent as a nominated first aider. It meets the standards required to help comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations.

First Aid

Emergency First Aid At Work

This 6 hour course will help you meet your regulatory requirements if a risk assessment indicates that first aid training covering emergency protocols only, is sufficient for your workplace. The course can be adapted to suit a particular audience and is ideal for lower risk businesses, in line with the Health and Safety UK (First Aid) regulations 1981.

Image by Jeremiah Lawrence

Emergency Paediatric First Aid

This 6 - 7 hours course is suitable for parents/grandparents or those within Early Years who are working as part of a team with other staff who already hold a Full Paediatric First Aid Certificate. It is also ideal for teachers and school ancillary staff.

Image by Michel E

Basic Life Support

This 3 hour course provides you knowledge on what to do when faced with an emergency and how to deal with serious incidents and conditions associated with both adults and children.

First Aid for a broken arm

Paediatric First Aid

This course is 12 hours in duration and focuses on emergency scenarios that face those working with adults and looking after young children and infants, including day nurseries, private nursery schools, preschools, before and after school clubs for children in the early years age group, childminders and carers of children at home. The paediatric first aid course meets the Ofsted Early Years and Childcare Registerrequirements.

Image by Chris Fuller

Outdoor First Aid

This course is 12 hours in duration and focuses on emergency scenarios that face those working with adults and looking after young children and infants within the leisure industry. The course is designed to accompany any lifeguard trainings.


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